33302993_1707041976041279_828789101690880000_nPurpose and Positioning

Within the realm of Christian ethics, theology, and apologetics, I believe there is a specific need for discussion, argumentation, and honesty concerning the bioethical issues. Think not just of abortion and euthanasia, think also of things like genome editing, eugenics, stem cell research, elective suicide, alternative cancer treatment, and so on. This blog, while devoted to an evangelistic mission of making known the God of this universe, is in the same stroke committed to extending invitations, to people of all walks and beliefs, to talk about these specific issues in our society and to make a case for the truth.

Where do I stand on all of these issues?

I am unabashedly pro-life. This means that I hold life as having basic value and dignity and that to treat the life of others as a means rather than as an end, to discriminate based on some physical condition, to use the other for the benefit of the self, is to break a fundamental moral principle as well as violate a basic human right. This does not mean I believe in the right to life and disbelieve in all other basic rights. It does mean, however, that I’m committed to the idea that life is meaningful and worth saving making the deliberate destruction of human life unethical and immoral and the withholding of life- and health-preserving care erroneous. In holding to this, I believe that we can construct a better world that ensures the well-being of all people without distinction.

My stance on specific issues will be expanded in further writings which I hope to share on this blog. I want to talk about all the topics I mentioned and then some. I also want to get into other topics in theology, ethics, science, and apologetics. For example, I want to talk about other religions, specific disputes in Christian theology, and so on.


Perhaps, I should divulge my expectations for this site. Truly, I have few expectations except to be able to share my most fundamental beliefs and convictions effectively, generously and compassionately with whoever may be interested. This isn’t a blog for Christians. This is a blog for everyone. Everyone, regardless of what they believe, is invited to read.

A Little About Me

I am a recently-graduated mechanical engineering student with a specific interest in architectural and environmental acoustics, noise control, and how we perceive sound. I spend whatever free time I have watching good movies, writing stories, reading, listening to John Coltrane, or having a pint with the broskis. My favorite movies these days are Arrival, Ex Machina and the Dark Knight.

I’m a recent contributor to Kazingram Dialogue.

I live in Canada. I love hockey. I attend a wonderful church of 100-200 people in Alliston, a small farm and industrial town in southern Ontario.

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