One Year of F&R: Behind the Name

Hello friends,

Today marks the one-year anniversary of this blog. Which is really weird and exciting because it doesn’t feel like it’s been a year (already!) and yet so much has happened in that short amount of time. What is exciting is that it means I get to write for another year.

To commemorate the moment, I’d like to talk about the meaning behind the blog name that I chose. It speaks in many ways to my personal story as well as the values I espouse.

Fractured and Reformed. 

Why fractured? Why reformed?

The name is first and foremost a comment about the transformative power of the Gospel and the sanctification brought about by the Holy Spirit. I am by nature sinful and rebellious (Romans 3:23) against the Triune God, yet He came and rescued me (Colossians 1:13). While my spirit has been supernaturally regenerated, I continue to make mistakes and have bad desires. So, from the inside out, God continues to restore me, to renew me, to reform my fractured heart into something more like Him.

This past year, I’ve lost people I’ve cared about. I’ve moved homes twice. I’ve graduated school. I’ve been to weddings. I’ve learned skills. I’ve worked a part-time retail job selling hockey sticks and, more recently, received a full-time engineering-related job in the automotive industry (don’t mind the humble-brag). The year’s been an interesting one to say the least. Through it all, I’ve been under the careful provision and guidance of God who encourages, challenges, and holds me fast. I’m so thankful. So thankful.

The name is also a statement about my theology, ethics, politics, philosophy and overall worldview (probably not in the way you might think). It’s an acknowledgment of my imperfection. I don’t claim to be an authoritative voice on anything. I don’t claim to have every issue sorted out in my head. However, I do try the best I can to make a case for what is true and good. And so it’s also an acknowledgment that within religion and ethics, I uphold the Christian Gospel, I uphold the value of human life from conception to death, and I believe in the objectivity of morality.

Part of my experience this past year has been meeting more and more people in the pro-life community doing the good, hard work of reaching people where they are, in streets, in schools, online, in coffee shops, with the pro-life message. I’ve had the privilege of engaging with hardcore activists who have given me so much insight and challenged me in the way I approach apologetics and outreach. I’ve also met many who are in a different camp than me, people who identify as pro-choice. I’ve also learned a ton from them. I have the truth, but I need to communicate it better.

Lastly, the name is a vision I have for the world as a society. It is broken, fundamentally, yet I believe society with its culture, its norms, its thought, changes and can shift in the things it cherishes. Especially here in Canada things seemingly change in no time at all. I believe a world the celebrates death and relativism can change into a world that is charitable, loving, and selfless. My goal, as has been stated, for this blog is to be able to dialogue with those of differing opinions on the topics I present and present the truth of pro-life worldview towards the end of justice, healing, and God glorified.

Both fractured and reformed. Broken but being restored. Sinful yet declared innocent. Born estranged yet undeservedly adopted. I’m an imperfect vessel yet I openly profess my beliefs and willingly dialogue.

(Some might think since ‘reformed’ is in the title, this must be a Calvinist blog or something. Not really. I mean, yes, I am a Calvinist, but this isn’t a blog primarily about that. Of course, it is a part of what I believe but it isn’t a primary driver of my writing or component of my message, if that makes sense.)

To be completely honest, I didn’t think too hard about the name when I came up with one. But, as I thought of something to describe myself, this is the best I could come up with. I guess that says something too. If nothing else, this is a personal project.

Well, there you go. Hope this was an interesting read! If not, that’s okay too. No hard feelings. 😉 I thank every one who has bothered to read and continues to read and support me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

If you have any questions about myself, the blog or the name, feel free to comment below.

Take care,




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