Update: New Blog Format

Hello friends! Today I just had some thoughts I wanted to transmit to readers as I continue to shape and improve my blog.

Up to this point, after 8 months since I started, I’ve been writing fairly sporadically, on topics that interest me in the present moment, with little to no system at all. I’ve been thinking of how I could better format my blog (a) to maintain some consistency so that you can better anticipate when and what I’ll post, (b) so that I can better organize my output of material, and (c) to keep myself writing and generating ideas.

To this end, I’ve concieved of a format that I think I could work with. Each month, I will write 3-4 posts as I’ve been trying to do. Each week will bring a new post (or two). Each month will include:

  • 1 post on a bioethical or ethical issue (if you’ve enjoyed my pieces on euthanasia or eugenics, this post will be of that variety)
  • 1 post on theology (so, more similar, in style/content, to my “Calvinism” post) which may overlap into bioethical issues
  • 1 post discussing headlines from the previous month
  • 1 extra post for either a personal/blog update or some other mystery topic… basically anything goes

What do you think? How can I improve my format? Any fun ideas? If you’re a blogger, do you have a format that works for you?


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