2018: Looking Ahead

For this post, I just wanted to briefly talk about where I’m headed with this site and what I want to do over the course of 2018.

I recently just finished all of my courses for my engineering degree, which is awesome! So thankful to be done school, at least temporarily. With the added free time, I’m hoping to do more reading so I can start doing book reviews and stuff.

One book that I’m currently working through is “Making All Things New” by David Powlison. I also have some other books on my to-read list on the issue of abortion, pornography,  and suffering that I want to review. There are also a few that I’ve recently read, like “Story of your Life” by Ted Chiang, and “Bonhoeffer” by Eric Metaxas, which I read a couple years ago, that I’d like to discuss because they are pretty interesting and fairly relevant, I think, to the content of this blog.

Content-wise, I still want to cover bioethical issues. Recently, I’ve done a lot on abortion and assisted dying, so I think I want to start looking more into things like eugenics and genetic engineering.

Other than that, I think I have a working logo. Simple, but it works I think.

Feel free to share this site and any articles you find interesting, of course!

God bless.

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