Being Robbed, Future Plans, and the Empty “Book Review” Section

As I type, I’m attempting to deal, on an emotional and spiritual level, with a muggy, perspiration-conducive apartment that, while I am fortunate to have as shelter, has become somewhat of a necessary burden. With no apartment A.C., the temperatures do climb. The humid climate doesn’t help either. The burden has been amplified since last week when I was robbed.

Last week, I had a window open to let the air circulate in an effort to balance out the inside temperature a bit. However, after me and my one roommate left the house for no more than 45 minutes with this window still ajar, a robber (if only one) cut through the screen of the window and stole my 800 dollar Acer laptop (and 5 dollars worth of change I had in a tiny box). Needless to say, I’ve had my windows closed.

A few practical lessons to be learned here:

  1. If you live in a ground-level apartment, don’t leave the window open with nobody inside to protect it.
  2. Be smart.

There are some spiritual lessons I’ve learned from this though and they include first and foremost that God can give and take away in equal measure. (And as we’re sure to remember, God, being god, is completely within his rights to do so.) Moreover, the Body of Christ is an abundant resource to the individual believer that challenges our pride and flows with generosity when we are in need. Lastly, but certainly not least of all, this is why we don’t treasure material things.

Shifting gears, here are a few announcements concerning this blog:

1. Charlie Garb, Euthanasia and Abortion

In the near future, I hope to press more into the Charlie Garb issue which has risen some eyebrows on both the Right and the Left. The issue, I read recently, just went to court where some reports arose with evidence undercutting the hospital’s decision. I would like to comment on the controversy of this situation but I would also like to present a case against euthanasia as a moral action and a human right. Along the same vein, I’d like to begin penning articles on abortion. That’s my short-term plan. Eventually, I will continue writing about my exploration of Islam as I read more and more.

2. The Empty “Book Review” Section

Yes, I have a “Book Review” page. No, I haven’t written any reviews yet. As I have only begun this blog, I have not had the time to produce a review, but I do plan to review literature every now and then. This will by no means be the meat of this blog but I hope to do reviewing as a supplement to the main apologetics work on this site.



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